About ITI

What is the ITI?

Our purpose is to serve dental professionals by fostering learning, networking, discussion and exchange. We provide comprehensive, quality education in implant dentistry and support and facilitate cutting edge research in this field. Our aim is to be the authoritative resource on current and emerging issues in implant dentistry for dental professionals globally.

Focus areas

Education :

The ITI strives to ensure the highest possible standards of continuing education within the field of implant dentistry and provide a broader public with access to ITI treatment philosophies and guidelines. It does so by coordinating educational products, tools and activities and developing educational concepts and curricula with the overall aim of educating all interested in implant dentistry.

Research :

The ITI provides grants for research into implant dentistry. By proactively defining relevant areas of investigation and identifying gaps in current knowledge, it promotes groundbreaking research and supports publication and dissemination of the results.

Membership :

The ITI fosters networking among its membership. It strives to continuously increase value for its members to sustain ongoing growth and actively addresses continuity within its national Sections with a special focus on increasing the representation of young and female professionals.

Leadership :

The ITI seeks to identify leaders in implant dentistry and in the ITI organization with the goal of developing and promoting new leadership at the local, national and international level.

The ITI has for the past 30 years set the benchmark in implant dentistry

Over more than 30 years the ITI has built a reputation for scientific rigor coupled with a strong patient focus. The organization supports the premise of well documented treatment guidelines backed by extensive clinical testing and long-term results. The ITI’s more than 1,000 Fellows, who form the core of the organization, contribute their time, energy and skills and are driven by a strong sense of responsibility and idealism.

The principal architects of the ITI were Professor André Schroeder from Bern, and Dr. h.c. Fritz Straumann from Waldenburg. According to Professor Schroeder, “Medical research needs independence, open space and opportunities for discussion.” These three components are cornerstones of the ITI and have contributed significantly to the rapid development and success of implant dentistry.

Membership is growing, the tally of publications and educational events is rising and the organization has been restructured for the future. However, the ITI’s two fundamental principles remain unchanged: scientific independence and non-profit-oriented thinking. At the heart of the ITI lie science, idealism and concern for patients. This is guaranteed by the ITI’s Fellows and Members who volunteer their time and expertise on behalf of the ITI and its mission.

To serve the dental profession by providing a growing global network for life-long learning in implant dentistry through comprehensive quality education and innovative research to the benefit of the patient - The ITI Mission Statement
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