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Day 1

Speaker :
Dr. Eirik Salvesen Dr. Eirik Salvesen
Immediacy or not - Decision making in the esthetic zone

The lecture aims to provide a scientific and clinical background for development of more efficient implant treatment protocols. The presentation will look at developments with major influence for surgical and prosthetic protocols, nevertheless understanding the pitfalls for more efficient implant treatment protocols.

Day 2

Speaker :
Prof. Dr. Bernd Giesenhagen Prof. Dr. Bernd Giesenhagen
Update on bone augmentation - Established biomaterials in new techniques

Patients all around the world expect more and more minimal invasive treatments for reconstruction of bone and soft tissue as well as shorter treatment time. Bone graft materials (CERABONE) and membranes (JASON) and (EMDOGAIN) in combination with innovative surgical techniques can fulfill this expectations. This presentation shows the handling and the success when using these materials.

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